Paint Wild will re-open at the end of 2022! 🎉

Learn to paint watercolour animals SO GOOD... people will think they're photos 😌

Ready to Paint Wildly?

Hey I'm Emma! I'm the creator and instructor at Paint Wild and I'm SO EXCITED you're here! I've been deeply obsessed with animals since I was an embryo, and after a couple years of teaching watercolour they were aaaaaall I wanted to paint! The medium and the muse have several parallels: watercolour can also be wild with a mind of its own. It can grab your attention, bring you back to the present moment, and make you ✨feel✨ something. And just like my dog who I accidentally taught to respond to 3 commands for 'speak' - watercolour can be tamed! You've just gotta learn how.

My approach to watercolour is what sets Paint Wild apart: a simple set of supplies, consistency to skyrocket your skills, and a dangerous amount of fun. I'll show you how to mix any colour from the primaries, provide regular approachable tutorials to keep you inspired and learning, and take absolutely nothing except your growth seriously.

Watercoloury goodness for everybody

Whether you've dabbled in watercolour before or never picked up a brush - Paint Wild has something for you!

Learn to mix colours

The secret sauce to confidence in watercolour is learning how to mix any colour you need! Stay tuned, my signature Colour Theory 101 course returns soon

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Wanna use the exact same paints as me? Lucky for you, I make them by hand! Stock up over at the Paint Wild shop.

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If you're ready to Paint Wild and master watercolour wildlife portraits, come and join Paint Wild - I'm here at every step!

Re-opening soon

Go from unsure where to start to confident watercolour wildlife artist with Paint Wild

Looking for Colour Theory 101?

Hold tight! Paint Wild's colour theory course that covers making a 12 colour wheel and a 144 colour chart will be returning soon, with lots more projects!