About the Academy

Paint Wild is your one-stop-shop for wildlife watercolour wizardry! Paint Wild is all about painting wildly, and painting wildlife. Teaching you to embrace mistakes, problem solve your way through art, and create realistic watercolour animal portraits so good they'll knock your own socks off! It doesn't matter if you've been painting for years or have never picked up a watercolour brush, there's always something to learn in Paint Wild.

How Paint Wild is different:

  • colour theory is life here. Every tutorial is created from mixing the primaries
  • tutorials are specifically focussed on animal portraits, so your skills can grow faaast
  • you're never alone - you have ongoing instructor AND student support!
  • along with colour mixing, we use a simple set of supplies so you can get cracking sooner
  • the academy is a membership, kinda like Netflix - but for learning watercolour wildlife portraits!

About the Instructor

Emma Witte is a watercolour artist and paint maker from Melbourne, Australia. She is a published author of two art books and has been teaching art in person and online since 2016.

Emma reconnected with her love of art through lettering back in 2015 when looking for a creative outlet from her university studies and busy Executive Assistant role. This eventually led her to watercolour and she hasn't looked back since!

In 2022 her former online school 'The Watercolour Academy' transformed into Paint Wild and started to focus on her favourite thing to paint: animals! Having been surrounded by them all her life and originally pursuing a career with animals, it was the perfect blend of passions.

When Emma isn't maniacally sharing a new cool thing she discovered about watercolour or mulling up a storm of paint, she's hanging out with her dog Rhodie and cat Leo, taking a relaxing walk along the seaside or perishing with her pals to some random kids in Fortnite.