"Woah no way, I thought that was a photo!"

- future comment made by someone about your incredible watercolour wildlife portraits

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  • Felt really overwhelmed with where to start

  • Couldn't figure out the best order to paint your layers

  • Struggled to create depth and make your painting look 'real'

  • Overworked your painting and added too much detail

  • Felt lost and frustrated, unsure how to correct mistakes

  • Binge-watched a tonne of YouTube vids, Googled some stuff, read 8 books but STILL can't get your paintings to look like you want


Join the club. (I'm the former President by the way). I've done all of the above, and more, trying to crack the code on watercolour wildlife portraits. Spent all of my free time and money figuring things out the hard way. Collected a bunch of supplies I didn't know what to do with. Felt like I would NEVER 'get' realistic watercolour. At times have even wanted to throw in the towel and just take up reading or something...

It's time to kiss those days of frustration g'bye, and start painting the incredibly realistic wildlife portraits you've dreamed about!

Emma Witte

Hey, I'm Emma! And I'm obsessed with 2 things: watercolour and animals. (Ok fine and Nesquik and playing Fortnite but who's counting?) I'm also obsessed with sharing everything I know about painting animals with watercolour!

I've been sharing my love of watercolour and my unique approach to the medium through weekly online classes since 2018. I'm a big fan of using minimal supplies and efficient ways to paint so you don't have to be overwhelmed by all the tools, or need to apply for annual leave just to finish a painting.

I'm here (with my 2 little furry assistants) to take the fear, the guesswork and the frustration out of learning watercolour wildlife portraits for you. Not only that, I'm here to guide you at every step of the way and help you grow into a confident wildlife artist who can paint any animal portrait.

I believe creating realistic watercolour wildlife portraits that knock the socks off everyone you show them to can be simple, easy to fit into your schedule - and most of all... fun!


The Paint Wild Academy!

My new online watercolour wildlife-focused membership is designed to build your animal portrait skills fast from the ground up, make you a more confident artist, and allow you to enjoy every moment of painting! I'll show you what you need (and surprise, it's not as many supplies as you think) and how to use them to create animal portraits that people will be shocked aren't photos! Then you can continue upping your game every 2 weeks with the ever-growing topic library of wildlife paintings! There's a cute animal for everyone.

Paint Wild breaks everything down and makes learning watercolour wildlife portraits SIMPLE, so you can stop staring at a blank page and get painting. 

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Susan M

"If you think you might want to start watercolor, but you are completely overwhelmed, this is the way to go! Emma breaks everything down to the very basics and has a great sense of humor as she goes. The basic way Emma teaches you how to make 144 colors from just three primaries will give you confidence to mix any color you might like. The way the courses continue with only the three primaries makes it very affordable to continue without having to buy new supplies for every new class. Emma made me feel like I could tackle any watercolor project I might want to do and I totally loved having so much fun while growing through this academy."

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  • Access to all course materials while you're a current member
  • Fundamental classes that cover supplies, colour theory and techniques
  • Tutorials so you can put that knowledge to work, incl. 40 existing animal tutorials 
  • New tutorials every 2 weeks + your suggestions for topics throughout the year!
  • Regular masterclasses on extra goodies like digitising, drawing, working with masking fluid + more
  • Access to fortnightly (every 2 weeks) live group video calls with me, Emma to watch live demos, ask questions and get feedback on your work
  • Private community for current Paint Wild members to chat, share work and ask for feedback or help
  • 10% discount on Paint Wild handmade paints
  • Free mobile app to watch the classes on the go!


Get back to basics! The fundamentals will teach you everything from supplies, how to use them, colour theory, techniques and troubleshooting so you're ready to tackle your next wildlife portrait.


After the fundamentals, it's time to put it to work! Use the 40 existing and future bi-weekly tutorials to apply your new knowledge and skills to your next watercolour wildlife masterpiece. Have your say and suggest topics too!


Never get stuck again! Jump onto one of the bi-weekly calls and practice painting and sketching with me, get feedback on your work, answers to your burning questions, continued support and encouragement.


Go beyond painting! The masterclasses will teach you fun extras related to watercolour like digitising your work, how to sketch, how to take photos of your work for websites, social or portfolios + much more!

Take a peek below at some of the projects that are waiting for you in Paint Wild!

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Jade K

"If you want to learn watercolor, I would not hesitate to join the Academy.  In just a few months, I can see such an improvement in my skills. Water control has always been a challenge for me, but after going through the Techniques 101 section, I had a light bulb moment. Emma explains and demonstrates what we want to see - and also what it looks like when things go sideways and how to recover. Which, as a beginner, is so key!" 

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Minimal supplies

All classes are based off 3 to 5 colours and 1 to 3 brushes (with optional extras of course). You'll learn how to do more with less, and this means you can splash out on higher quality supplies, cos you'll need less of 'em! Quality over quantity.

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Stress less, paint more

Watercolour is one of the most DIFFICULT mediums out there - don't struggle alone any longer! The tutorials and masterclasses will break down all the complex parts of watercolour so you can get painting sooner, and actually enjoy it.

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We learn better together - and when we get feedback on our work to know how we're tracking. Get both with Paint Wild! Connect with other students, submit work for feedback to progress faster, and join the bi-weekly live group chats with Emma.

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Always growing

You AND the topic library. This isn't an online course where you just get a bunch of material and that's it. There are new tutorials and masterclasses EVERY month, meaning you'll never suffer from blank page fever again! You'll always be learning and growing.

What supplies will I need?

I don't like too many rules around here, so I like to give my recommendations, but also the freedom to use the brands you already have or prefer.

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  • Fundamental topics on watercolour including supplies, colour theory and techniques - with a focus on applying them to animal portraits
  • 40 wildlife painting tutorials already in the tutorial library
  • Tutorials in real-time, narrated with captions and detailed handouts with photos and outline sketches
  • One new wildlife painting tutorials every 2 weeks
  • Livestream with Emma every alternating 2 weeks to connect, paint together, practice sketching and receive feedback and help
  • Regular masterclasses to upskill in specialised areas like mastering fur, feathers, eyes, snouts etc
  • Private community to connect with students, share your work and receive feedback and help
  • 10% discount on Paint Wild handmade watercolours
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Paint Wild is for you if...

  • You're new to watercolour and want to learn to paint animals
  • You're experienced with watercolour but want to master animal portraits
  • You want to work on your animal realism skills
  • You want to learn the skills to paint your own pet(s)
  • You want to become a wildlife or pet portrait artist
  • You just wanna paint cute animals... cos they're cute!
  • You want an easy-going learning experience with no judgement and infinite encouragement
  • You like learning the rules to things (but breaking them sometimes cos that's more fun anyway)
  • You want continued support, encouragement and help from an instructor and a community of likeminded legends
  • You like fun!

Paint Wild is not for you if...

  • You don't want to learn how to paint animals
  • You don't paint with watercolour
  • Your preferred painting style is loose or illustrative
  • You want to take a one-off course or workshop
  • You like working on really complex paintings for multiple hours, days or weeks at a time
  • You enjoy strict rules and sticking to them
  • You want a super serious learning experience
  • You think animals are gross (how did you get here?)
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Aica A

"Investing in the Academy was an easy choice to make. I love that I have access to so much amazing content and Emma breaks everything down so clearly in the classes in such a way that I was able to paint things I never imagined I could. Plus, she is super dependable and supportive. Everything you need to know about watercolour is right here."

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Sharon A

"I am a beginner to the world of watercolouring but Emma is an amazing teacher who takes you through each topic in great detail and easy to follow steps.  There are so many fun classes and I always get excited to see the next topic.  I am so glad I found the Academy because it is helping me grow more confident in my watercolour skills and I am making fun projects and beautiful works of art that I can now share with my family."

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Karen L

"Emma’s Academy will be the best thing you’ve ever done to learn about watercolors! Not only will you learn the very, very basics if you are just beginning, you’ll progress step by step and learn things you didn’t know you missed if you are a bit more experienced. Things you wondered about and things you never even imagined!  It’s all there. It’s all carefully explained. This is as complete as it gets AND it’s not tedious. It’s FUN!"

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Victoria W

"I can't recommend Emma enough as a teacher.  She is so good at breaking down the steps of each project so that what seemed impossible actually turns out to be possible. And Color Theory 101 is a fantastic beginner class to learn about mixing many colors from the three primaries."

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Julia S

"Emma's painting and teaching style is simple and easy to follow along. It's also great that we have access to all of the past classes and there's new one every month. I definitely recommend the Academy!"

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